The National Front targeted Alexandre Pires’ apartment in Itapema during an operation against illegal mining

The National Front targeted Alexandre Pires’ apartment in Itapema during an operation against illegal mining

Search warrants were served in several cities in Brazil on Monday (Image: PF, Disclosure)

Federal police were at the apartment of singer Alexandre Pires in Itapema, on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, on Monday (4) morning. According to the investigation it conducted National Security Council, no item found. The goal was to execute a search and seizure warrant linked to Operation Golden Disk, which is investigating an illegal mining financing and logistics scheme on Yanomami indigenous land. The group would have generated R$250 million.

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During the day, Pérez was heard by the National Front forces during a cruise where he was performing on the coast of Santos, in São Paulo. After that, according to O Globo, he was released.

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Agents searched Alexander Pires’ home for documents indicating possible payments from the mining company targeted by the investigation to the artist. According to the Federal Police, the singer could have received at least R$1 million from this company.

The report attempted to contact the artist’s advisors, but did not receive any response until this text was published. The space remains open.

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What is investigation?

Operation Golden Disk, which launched this morning, aims to execute two arrest warrants and six search and seizure warrants, issued by the Fourth Federal Court in Roraima. Court orders were complied with in Boa Vista and Mocajay, in Roraima, as well as São Paulo and Santos (SP), Santarem (PA), Uberlandia (MG), and Itapima (SC).

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The kidnapping of more than R$130 million from suspects has also been identified.

The police investigation indicates that the scheme aims to “wash” cassiterite that has been illegally removed from Yanomami indigenous lands. According to the investigation, the ore will be declared to have originated from a regular mine on the Tapajós River, in Itaituba, Pará, and it will presumably be transported to Roraima for treatment.

However, investigations indicate that this dynamic will only happen on paper, as the crude will originate from the state of Roraima itself.

Financial transactions were identified that would link the entire production chain of the scheme, with aircraft pilots, gas stations, and warehouses of mining machinery and equipment and oranges to cover up the fraudulent transactions.

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“The scheme would also include a national music businessman, who would be one of those responsible for the financial core of the crimes, as well as a singer who would have received at least R$1 million from a mining company under investigation,” he added. Says note from PF.

Investigations are continuing.

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