Overstretched, UPAs record absences from doctors

UPA do Geisel foi a que mais registrou desfalque nas escalas de médicos no último mês

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It was Geisel’s UPA that scored the most missed physician’s balance in the past month

Overburdened by the meeting, in addition to their demands, the Central Emergency Room (PSC) – which has been transformed into a small hospital Covid-19 -, Emergency Care Units (UPAs) have become a cause for more concern after the routine misappropriation of duty physicians was recorded. In the past few weeks, Geisel, Ipiranga and Bela Vista UPAs have seen an increase in the queues for assistance. Responsible for the recruitment of professionals, the Municipal Health Administration has mandated the Bauru Regional Health Corporation (Fersb) with adequate standards and is due to issue a position next week.

To JC, the Foundation Director asserts that there is difficulty in contracting medical companies for the service and points to the exhaustion of professionals and the increased width of shifts in the region among the reasons that would generate lack of interest (read more below).

Bauru’s Health Minister, Orlando Costa Dias, says the scale problem started in March. UPA Geisel got 92% coverage of medical transformations in the last month. UPA Ipiranga, 94%, and UPA Bela Vista 96%.

“The scale must be covered 100%, this is what the contract stipulates. If there are only three doctors on duty, a huge and long queue will be formed. We are talking about emergency units. People don’t go there for a walk.” Municipal leader, Orlando Costa Dias, who made clear his dissatisfaction with the situation of the UPAs also at a public hearing in the city council, last Wednesday (28).

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The lack of two professionals occurred in the same shift, the secretary said, on April 19, at UPA Geisel, when only one doctor worked from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the period during which the scale required three professionals. “It’s something that generates a lot of inconvenience. We never have to shut down a unit due to a lack of doctors, but what can’t be that shortage becomes routine. We understand that there is exhaustion, but the contract has to be fulfilled,” notes the secretary.

Regarding the number of permanent doctors in the city, Dias points out that the city increased from 209 to 223 the number of doctors in the municipal network between 2020 and 2021, and indicates that the law does not allow more employment until the end of this year. the year. “That’s why I’m counting on Fersb, so they can talk and cover the doctors,” he confirms.


Fersb’s director, Cláudia Sgavioli, explains that the shortfall is not about professionals who have made commitments and haven’t turned up, but rather in companies that have stopped serving the organization. The difficulty occurs especially in the employment shifts on the weekends and Mondays. However, the foundation is publicly accredited and strives to cover the metrics, according to Claudia.

There are several reasons that contribute to the problem, such as overload and the supply of services to doctors, which increased greatly in the greater Bauru area. We have noticed that this increased demand occurred at the same time that there was a decrease in interest in service, whether due to fatigue or because of their illness or illness Their family, “he comments. “The health professionals as a whole are starting to choose when and where to act,” he adds.

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With nearly twice as many triggers, Samu is looking for 10 more doctors to turn the scale off

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Samo department director Gilherme Tripoli says that some colleagues were working 72 hours straight

The lack of doctors affecting UPAS has also hurt Samu. With nearly twice the number of calls, the service needs ten more doctors so that the balance can be met without the need for conjugal and even triple trips.

Earlier this month, a doctor in the unit had a heart attack around the same time another was diagnosed with Covid, sending a rush among specialists out of service.

This incident led the city to publish a leaflet in the Official Gazette addressed to doctors located at the Municipal Health Secretariat in Bauru, interested in providing additional jobs with Samo.

Before the pandemic, the service was receiving 1,800 calls per month. Between February and March of this year, the drives increased to 3.2 thousand. “50% of this total are Covid-19 patients who are transferred to hospitals. Today we have 29 doctors, but this is not enough. Some colleagues worked 72 hours straight,” says Samo Department Director, Gilherme Tripoli. The agency is also seeking an exemption from the municipal payroll, because a doctor who is appointed in an initial 12-hour shift will cost 4,600 R $ per month, while one 12-hour shift will cost 1,600 R $.

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