Original 'Friends' script goes up for auction after being found in rubbish bin in UK

Original 'Friends' script goes up for auction after being found in rubbish bin in UK

Two original scripts for the series Friends They are being auctioned off after being found in rubbish in the UK. According to BBCThe files can be sold for around £600 and £800 (roughly R$3,700 and R$4,900 at current prices).

There are sketches from two episodes from the fourth season finale of Rose Keller's wedding. At that time, some scenes were filmed in England with Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.

Since their discovery in 1998, the scripts have been stored in the drawer of a former employee of the studio where the series was filmed in England. “I wondered which cast they belonged to,” he said on condition of anonymity.

Later, the former employee stored the paintings in a cardboard box. “I forgot about the scripts that were there. I could have easily thrown them away. These scripts belong to a big fan. Friends“, he added.

Amanda Butler, the auction's organizer, said it was unclear who owned the scripts. “There's a sticker of a guy called John Lancer, he's a set designer, so the paintings are probably his,” he told the BBC.

These scripts will be auctioned on Friday the 12th, along with a DVD box set Friends And a productive sweatshirt.

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