Opposition in the UK asks Megan Markle to investigate racism in royalty after interview with the Duchess of Sussex and Boris Johnson’s Silence

The British Labor Party on Monday called for an inquiry into allegations of racism in the Royal House. Sussex Duke, Confronted the silence of the Conservative government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who claims to have never seen the interview aired in the United States last night.

Speaking to reporters during an event in London, Khair Stormer – Labor leader – said “They are very, very serious.” Allegations of racism and mental health have been raised Megan Markle In her conversation with Oprah Winfrey on the American channel CBS, she insisted that you take them “Very seriously”.

“It is bigger than the royal family. For years, we have ignored these issues and are willing to put them aside. ” He said.

In parallel, a Johnson spokesman told the Prime Minister “You did not watch the interview”, It airs this Monday in the UK, and anyway “Those are the questions of the palace”.

Winfrey, in conversation with the Americans Markle, An African-American mother, a member of the royal family has expressed concern about the skin color of her first child, Prince Harry.

She said she had thought about committing suicide during that pregnancy and that the monarchy, which precisely finances mental institutions, had refused to help her.

Labor Education spokeswoman Kate Green told Sky News “Shock” Allegations of racism “They will be treated with the utmost seriousness by Palacio and fully investigated.” And insisted on it “Racism can never be avoided”.

Source: EFE

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