One week after Formula 1, Hamilton lost his world title also in Rally – 12/19/2021

One week after Formula 1, Hamilton lost his world title also in Rally - 12/19/2021

Seven days after the Formula 1 world runner-up, today (19) Lewis Hamilton saw his team take second place in the first edition of Extreme E, a rallying competition for electric cars. The winning team was Nico Rosberg, his former English Formula 1 teammate.

In this dispute it was not Hamilton who was the driver, but the team sponsor, who chose his name: X44, in reference to his Mercedes Formula 1 car number. Christina Gutierrez and Sebastien Loeb were in charge of the wheel and won the stage today in Dorset, UK, but that It wasn’t enough to win the championship title.

X44 reached the final race of the season 16 points behind the RXR team, Team Rosberg. The two teams started side by side in the last event; X44 leaped forward and was no longer threatened; But for the RXR fourth place was enough to secure the title, and that was exactly the position of the Johan Kristofferson/Molly Taylor duo.

It is the second time that Rosberg has defeated Hamilton in the world of motorsport. The two were Mercedes’ teammates for four seasons in Formula 1; During this period, Hamilton was twice world champion (2014 and 15), but in 2016 it was the turn of the German driver, who then decided to retire from this category.

Until last week, this 2016 title was the only one that Hamilton had not won in seven consecutive years in Formula 1. However, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) had an overdrive on the final lap of the last Grand Prix of the season, In Abu Dhabi, he became world champion for the first time and ended his dominance of the English language in Formula 1.

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