Omigran – Israel to lift travel ban on US and UK despite 06/01/2022

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JERUSALEM, 6 Jan 2022 (AFP) – The Israeli Ministry of Health said on Thursday (6) that despite the increase in Covit-19, many countries, including the United States, will be removed from the “red list” of banned places. Infection by Omigran variant.

“The Ministry of Health recommends to the government to remove all countries from the red list,” it said in a statement. The ministry said the decision would take effect on Thursday, adding that it was “subject to government approval”.

The ministry said the move was “in light of the rate of epidemics entering Israel at the rate of social spread”.

In addition to the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mexico, Switzerland and Turkey will be removed from the list.

Last month, Israel banned travel to “red” locations in an effort to curb micronutrient growth.

The ban follows a move to block the entry of all foreign tourists in late November. This week, Israel announced that vaccinated visitors from low-risk countries could enter the country.

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