Olive water provides benefits to the human body

Olive water provides benefits to the human body

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A study conducted by researchers in the field of nutrition from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)In the United Kingdom, it was discovered that olive water, which is commonly distributed during olive oil production, can have health benefits.

To reach the result, the research subjected the liquid to several tests during Physical exercises To discover any positive effects on running performance. Evidence has shown that consuming olive water can increase energy levels during routine exercise.

The experiment, published in the journal Nutrients, is the first to study the benefits of natural olive water in the routine of active people.

Olive water improves physical performance

For 16 days, 20 participants received a dose of OliPhenolia, a commercially available olive water, and of course, for comparison purposes, a placebo.

It was observed that those who took OliPhenolia had higher energy levels when starting aerobic workouts. The same results were found in relatively low-intensity training.

In addition, perceived exertion — how well participants believed their bodies were working — improved, as did acute recovery after increased exercise.

Justin Roberts, lead author of the study and a professor at the university, detailed the impressions collected in the experiment. “We found that the reduced cost of oxygen and improved running economy, as well as improvements in acute recovery, suggest that this could benefit those undertaking regular aerobic training.”

Roberts also added that the research group intends to conduct further studies to confirm these findings. “We are also looking to investigate whether this product can be used for marathon training and recovery, as well as testing its effectiveness in suppressing exercise-related inflammation.”

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