How to check and withdraw money forgotten in banks through the central bank system

How to check and withdraw money forgotten in banks through the central bank system

The Central Bank (BC) released information this week that has piqued the curiosity of many Brazilians: there are still about 6 billion reais waiting to be withdrawn from various financial institutions in the country, by more than 40 million Brazilians.

These values, which include individuals and legal entities (companies), are forgotten in banks, brokers and other financial institutions, and total 7.5 billion riyals.

Dues system to facilitate withdrawals

To help those with some forgotten value in this situation, BC created the SVR system. This is a platform that allows you to consult and withdraw those forgotten funds. Moreover, it allows the heirs, executors, executors or legal representatives of deceased persons to withdraw funds as well.

According to information from BC, about 31 million people and businesses have up to R10 to withdraw. However, there are still about 800,000 inactive accounts with balances of more than 1,000 riyals.

How to check and withdraw forgotten funds using SVR

For those who want to check whether they have any forgotten amounts to withdraw, it is necessary to access the Central Bank's page, where they can make the inquiry and request a refund.

The process is done online in a simplified manner. It is only necessary to provide personal data, such as the citizen's CPF and date of birth, or CNPJ and date of opening of the company.

There are two ways to receive the amount mentioned in the SVR. The first is to submit a request within the system. To do this, the financial institution must have signed an agreement with BC, and the customer must also provide a Pix key (which cannot be random).

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The other way is to contact directly with the financial institution responsible for the amount, to arrange the recovery process directly with them. It is worth noting that it is always important to maintain control and organization over your assets and investments, to avoid forgetting money in banks and other institutions.

Step by step procedure for consultation at SVR

Below, see the step-by-step guide on how to reference BC's receivables system:

1. Access the SVR platform.
2. Click “Review Amounts Receivable”;
3. Enter your personal data in the required fields;
4. Click “Consult” and check the information;
5. If there is available credit, select the “Access SVR” option and log in with your silver or gold level account.

Now just follow the instructions to withdraw your forgotten money from financial institutions. Take advantage of this opportunity and check if you are one of the millions of Brazilians who have money to receive!

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