Nursing Week at HGU had a special program

Thick point unimed 19 05 2021On May 12th, International Nursing Day is celebrated, and a symbol of recognition for professionals, Hospital Geral Unimed (HGU) has promoted a week with special activities, between the tenth and the fourteenth.

Opening – The opening of the hospital’s nursing week was attended by volunteers, Hands Without Borders, who work with the therapeutic technique for neurostimulation in 15-minute sessions. This technique helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Treatments Complementary therapies were also part of the activities. During their lunch break the staff were able to enjoy a moment of relaxation with Reiki, done by Cesme’s physical educator, Cristiano Olegario. Meditation and de-minding was due to the “Connect with Yourself” lecture with facilitator Roslyn Gomez.

Activities – The importance of physical health care has been reinforced through activities such as gymnastics, dance, Pilates and stretching classes, which are being implemented in partnership with Academia Living.

Importance For nursing technician Fernanda da Silva Martins, the celebration of dates like these is important, especially in critical contexts such as the current one. “We are in a very difficult time where we do not have a chance to go out or meet. We spend most of our lives looking after other people’s family and we also need to take care of ourselves.”

Visit Florence Nightingale The highlight of Nursing Week was the visit of Florence Nightingale to the various areas of the hospital. Nurse Karen Lund, ICU Coordinator, has been designated a symbol of the profession, who was a British social reformer and founder of modern nursing.

Gifts and dynamics – During the visit to the areas of the institution and the meeting with the teams, gifts and a dynamic of questions and answers were distributed, which is called the Florence competition. The aim was to invoke the history of nursing and to offer a difference in thinking about the profession established in the difficult times and overpowered by Florence, with the practices in use even today.

Stimulus – “At this moment, we are witnessing the exhaustion and emotional suffering of health professionals, who multiply their periods and work tirelessly in caring for and helping patients, dedicating themselves to saving lives, so we focus on motivation, in the daily struggle of heroes,” explains nurse Lisa Mora, of the Permanent Education Center at Hangzhou University .

A special touch Nursing technologist Ayla Bezerra de Freitas gave a special touch to Florence’s visit to the inpatient unit on the third floor. Passionate about singing, she took the opportunity to dedicate a song to her classmates. “These actions are important for making us feel important and for knowing that people are thinking of us. Our class is severely criticized, accused, and often overlooked. These honors make us think about who we are as professionals and individuals.” (Click on Unimed Ponta Grossa)

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