Lookout | Funding for her studies led Alice Simedor to choose the UK to live and work

Lookout |  Funding for her studies led Alice Simedor to choose the UK to live and work

So far and so close here

Alice Simedor chose the United Kingdom to continue her studies. Now working in e-commerce and marketing. photoDR

Alice Semedor left Benavente after completing high school and went to study in England. With payment facilities, he decided to take a course in media production while working on restoration. He now makes a living from e-commerce and marketing.

Alice Simedor, a 25-year-old girl from Vila Franca de Xira, has made her way to new heights outside the country. She grew up in Benavente, and decided to leave the village to explore academic and professional opportunities in the UK. In Benavente he studied languages ​​and humanities. Upon completion of secondary education, Alice Simedor found herself at a turning point in her goals.
Although he initially thought of enrolling in the study of law at the university, his interests changed. Open to new experiences, I decided to study media production in Coventry, England. The offer of a good education and a more enriching academic life contributed to the decision to leave Portugal. In addition, the UK’s student finance system, known as student finance, has been instrumental in making his studies viable. The financial support allowed Alice Simedor to pursue her dreams without having to worry about the direct cost of tuition.
He is currently working in the field of e-commerce and marketing, where he is responsible for managing and improving the company’s online platform. In addition, he is responsible for creating content and implementing marketing strategies to promote brands and products. While studying at the university, he worked in the field of catering, and when he finished his studies, he worked in a hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic. “I thought about continuing to work as a nurse, but I ended up giving up because of the extra workload and changing shifts,” she says.
His daily work routine is filled from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. When comparing her professional experience in the UK to her experience in Portugal, she states that she feels more valued and has more opportunities for growth outside the country. In England, she met other Portuguese students, but lives alone. He regularly calls family and friends on the phone and tries to come to Portugal at Christmas and in the summer.

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Quiet adaptation despite the cold
Although adjusting as an immigrant has been smooth, Alice Simedor misses our country’s mild climate, culture and of course spending time with friends. The biggest challenge outside the home was adjusting to the cold. Also, the lifestyle and mentality is very different from Portugal. “Regardless of nationality, people in England are in constant competition, whether in the workplace, in education or even in social situations,” he says.
One of the things he considers positive is the free health system and access to medical care without financial worries. With plans to return to Portugal in the distant future, Alice Semedor continues her life in England, intent on exploring all the opportunities and lessons learned in her life story.

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