Nubank will make changes that reflect the new phase; Check out any

Nubank will make changes that reflect the new phase;  Check out any

New post from nubank in the coming days, the Nubank The news will be included in your tools. Initially, your logo will be updated at all fintech focal points starting Monday (17).

The new version of the logo reflects the current moment of the company, and will come in softer shapes and markings, in addition to a lighter purple color. Nubank is the largest digital bank in the world, with more than 38 million users between Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Another recent update is related to the app’s home screen, and it will be improved in the coming weeks. The intent is to leave it with a more practical and intuitive distribution, making it easier for users to access the services offered by the digital bank.

“We have always had great passion when building the Nubank brand. It is the first impact for customers when they know us and we always try to devote to him the same attention and attention we enjoy when developing our products. Change is now happening to publicly reflect a more mature Nubank going through a new moment”, explains Christina Junqueira, Co-founder of Fintech.

Nubank is currently among the top five most valuable financial institutions in Latin America, with more than R $ 1.2 billion in seven investment cycles. Of the company’s 38 million customers, 35 million have a digital account and 23 million are bank credit card users.

Nubank confirms the initial credit of R $ 50 in the Platinum Card

a Nubank It continues to unleash new opportunities for its customers. As we have already explained here on the portal, the bank now offers Nubank Platinum Also for those who get a low score or who don’t spend a lot of money per month.

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By using the card, the customer will be able to start with A credit limit of R $ 50. Immediately after that, the user will be able to increase their stroke according to the purple color usage. In addition, the customer may receive many benefits, for example, travel advice, international offers, and insurance among other options.

It is important to note that in the case of Nubank, for example, the platinum version of roxinho is free (and so is gold). That is, the customer does not pay any additional fees to obtain the card.

On Nubank, analysis is performed from time to time and some users who own Roxinho Gold may be eligible for the Platinum Edition. When this happens, the user receives an email and can choose whether or not to accept the new card via the card.

It is worth noting that the Platinum Card is accepted at any institution that accepts the sign of your card.

How do I get a Nubank platinum card?

If you accept a Platinum card and want the benefits offered on the virtual card as well, you will need to update the default version through the Nubank app.

If the customer already has a virtual gold card, he will need to delete it and create a new card. If not, just create a virtual card and it will automatically become Platinum.

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