Nubank pays 2000 Brazilian reals! Learn how to secure that money

Nubank pays 2000 Brazilian reals!  Learn how to secure that money

Hey Nubankone of the main digital banks in Brazil, offers its customers a unique opportunity to earn money through “N chances of winningThrough this initiative, customers have the opportunity to compete for daily prizes worth R$2,000, as well as amazing final prizes worth R$200,000. If you are a Nubank customer, don’t miss this opportunity to win extra money!

How to participate in the promotion?

To participate in the promotion”N chances of winning“, you must be a Nubank customer and use the digital bank’s credit card to make your purchases. For every R$100 you spend using your credit card, you will receive a lucky ticket to compete in the promotion draws. It is important to note that purchase credits are cumulative, i.e. When the amount reaches R$ 100, a new ticket will be provided.

In addition to credit card purchases, Nubank customers also have the opportunity to accumulate more chances to win through tasks available in the app. So, pay attention to the tasks and complete them to increase your chances of winning cash prizes.

Daily withdrawals worth R$2,000

every day, Nubank holds R$2,000 worth of withdrawals between clients Participants in the promotion. So, the more you use your credit card, the greater your chance of being one of the lucky ones to win this cash prize. Make sure to take advantage of every opportunity and make purchases with a credit card to increase your chances of winning.

The final prizes are 200 thousand Brazilian reals

In addition to the daily draws of R$ 2,000, the promotion “N chances of winning” It also includes final prizes worth R$ 200,000. These special draws will take place on December 26, 2023. So mark this date in your calendar and keep participating in the promotion for your chance to win an amazing prize that could change your life.

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How to access the promotion?

To access the ‘N Chances to Win’ promotion, simply open the file Nubank Go to the credit card area. There you will find all the information about the promotion and you can complete a short registration to activate it. Don’t forget to read the promotion terms and conditions carefully to understand all the rules and ensure your participation.

Promotion exclusions

It is important to note that some types of transactions are not taken into account in the promotion.”N chances of winningPix payments with credit, bank credit voucher or cell phone top-up do not generate lucky tickets. Therefore, be sure to make your purchases using your credit card for a chance to win promotional prizes.

more information

If you would like more information about the promotion “N chances to win” from NubankVisit the official Digital Bank blog. There you will find additional details about the draws, available tasks and all relevant information to participate in this amazing money-making opportunity.

Don’t waste time and take advantage of the “N Chances to Win” promotion offered by Nubank. Use your credit card, collect lucky tickets and increase your chances of winning Daily prizes worth R$2,000 and final prizes worth R$200,000. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to earn money with Nubank!

With the “N Chances to Win” promo from NubankYou have the opportunity to earn extra money every day. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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