Nubank issues a new credit of R$2,000 to those who have had an active account for more than one year

Nubank issues a new credit of R$2,000 to those who have had an active account for more than one year

In a move that shows its efforts to further improve its popular digital banking services, Nubank has launched “Nu Limite Garantido”, a feature that can grant an additional credit of up to R$ 2,000 to its customers.

Fintech users will be able to rework their credit limits when investing in the company's app, enjoy the benefits of an instant limit increase and continue to reap the rewards of their investment.

What is the normal guaranteed limit?

This new functionality represents a major milestone for Nubank. Nu Limite Garantido allows a customer to increase their credit limit by investing the chosen amount on the digital banking platform. At the same time, the investment continues to yield 100% of the CDI – providing the dual benefit of more credit and profitable investment. This feature is also easy to use and effective, providing more financial freedom to Nubank customers.

How it works

To enjoy the benefits of Nu Limite Garantido, users need to follow a few straightforward steps:

  • Invest a certain amount in the Nubank app.
  • This amount is immediately converted into an available balance.
  • Customers have the option to modify their limit and finalize their password
  • The investment continues to produce a return according to the CDI.

Use the guaranteed overdraft limit

To start enjoying this new tool, you need to follow a simple procedure in the Nubank app. Reinforcing Nubank's focus on responsible financial practices, the amount invested will be used to repay any outstanding debts, if any, before being made available as credit.

It is crucial that Nubank customers recognize this fact to properly manage their expectations and ensure they get the most out of the new service.

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Expand your credit limit

In addition to this innovative feature, there are other ways for Nubank customers to increase their credit limit, such as maintaining a history of specific payments and using the card conscientiously. Expanding your relationship with the bank by taking advantage of more products offered and reporting any increase in income are also ways to obtain a higher credit limit.

With Nu Limite Garantido, Nubank continues its commitment to offering innovative financial products that effectively align with the needs of its clients, encouraging effective and strategic financial management.

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