Risa Leal achieved the highest score among men and women in the quarterfinals of the STU Open Rio | stu

Risa Leal achieved the highest score among men and women in the quarterfinals of the STU Open Rio |  stu

The semi-finals of the STU Open Rio were set, but athletes and fans had to be patient to see who would advance in the competition. The rain began mid-afternoon Friday, after a pause of more than three hours. Those who waited for the track to dry were able to watch a performance by Risa Leal, who topped the competition in the street category and achieved the highest score of the day among men and women: 81.30. The men’s park category competition has been rescheduled for Saturday morning.

The STU Rio Open will be held until Sunday at Praça Duó, in Barra da Tijuca. Sportv broadcasts the semi-final and final matches over the weekend. The women’s street skating final will take place on Esporte Especacular and will be shown on ge, where you can also follow it in real time.

Risa Leal competes in the quarterfinals of the STU Open in Rio – Photo: Julio Detefon/STU

It was the first quarter-final of the day, still in the morning, on Men’s Street. Even with clear skies, the contest between Brazilians and foreigners was perfectly balanced: four hosts and four foreigners advanced to the semi-finals. After three laps of 60 seconds each, the highest score went to American Jake Jardi (79.70).

-The level is very high, there are a lot of people from abroad and this is good because it raises the level of our skiing. We’ve seen all the very powerful batteries here. As for the new look, I found it interesting and different. I think it’s the first tournament I’ve participated in with this kind of competition. “I’m happy to qualify, I did what I had to do and the result came,” said Felipe Motta, who is only 17 years old.

After silver in Santiago, Raica Ventura leads the race

Raica Ventura in the quarterfinals of the STU Open in Rio – Photo: Pablo Vaz/STU

In the Ladies Park, Raicca Ventura had the best lap and came in first place with 60 points. The Sao Paulo native just returned from Santiago, Chile, where she won silver at the Pan American Games. The seven athletes who completed the fight in the semi-finals were: Yandiara Asp, Isadora Pacheco, Fernanda Tunisi, Helena Laurino, Dora Varela, Victoria Bassi and Sofía Godoy.

– Since I had a good score, and I was practically in first place in the qualifier, I thought: “I will do the same course and play the triple half (backside 360)”. And you got it right! It was just training for tomorrow, in fact, but it worked – exclaimed Raica Ventura.

The women’s street competitions started at around 8pm, but the crowd was rewarded with a beautiful performance by Raissa Leal. The Tokyo silver medalist had the highest score of the day among men and women: 81.30. Pamela Rosa from São Paulo took second place in the classification with 62.19 points.

New competition format

The format of the competition is slightly different from what we are used to in tournaments that equate points towards the Olympic classification. On the street, male athletes go through the heats and quarterfinals, while female athletes go straight to the quarterfinals. In the semifinals, eight athletes in two heats perform two 60-second laps, with the best lap used to seed the top three in each heat.

In the finals, six skaters compete in two structured 20-minute sessions. In the first, they perform cycles of a maximum duration of 60 seconds. In the second session, each skater must shoot their best trick. The average of the best two grades from each course guarantees a final grade.

Men’s qualifiers and quarter-finals will also be held in the park. The competition begins in the women’s quarter-finals. In the semifinals, skaters will compete in two heats of four athletes and must perform three laps of up to 45 seconds. The top three in each round advance to the final.

In the Grand Final, six skaters compete in two structured 20-minute sessions. In both sessions, skaters will have up to 45 seconds each time to perform their best spin, as many times as possible during the sessions.

With Raisa Leal confirmed, the Rio stage of STU 2023 will take place this weekend

See the full schedule:

Sunday 10/29
11am to 12pm – last street for ladies
From 2 pm to 3 pm – The final park for women
4pm to 5pm – last street for men
5pm to 6pm – The ultimate men’s park

Women’s Garden Result:

1 – Raica Ventura – 60.00
2 – Yandiara ASP – 52.67
3- Isadora Pacheco – 51.52
4- Fernanda Tounsi – 51.00
5- Helena Laurino – 50.97
6- Dora Varela – 50.47
7- Victoria Bassi – 50.22
8- Sofia Godoy – 50.17

Women’s Street results:

1- Raissa Lail – 81.30
2- Pamela Rosa – 62.19
3 – Big Hine – 57.74
4- Jazmine Alvarez – 55.27
5- Maria Lucia Rocha – 51.89
6- Morena Dominguez – 51.50
7- Maria Almeida – 49.99
8- Rafaela Morbach – 49.90

Street results for men:

1- Jake Ilardi – 79.70
2- Richard Torrey – 76.32
3 – Giovanni Viana – 74.76
4- Felipe Motta – 74.17
5 – Giancarlo Gonzalez – 73.15
6- Abner Petro – 72.87
7- Matias Dell’Olio – 70.44
8- Wallace Gabriel – 70.00

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