Now you can create your own avatar from a personal photo

Now you can create your own avatar from a personal photo

Hey WhatsApp It has just made a technological leap by incorporating artificial intelligence to create animated avatars.

The latest update to the app for Android and iPhone has introduced revolutionary functionality, allowing users to change their settings Personal Photos Into adorable character dolls within seconds.

The practicality is great: a single photo in a well-lit environment is enough to collect facial expressions and key characteristics, creating an avatar ready for customization.

The resulting avatars can be used not only on WhatsApp, but also on it Instagram and Facebook, and expanding its digital presence in an integrated manner.

The versatility of the dolls goes beyond aesthetics, as they can be used to send reactions and animated stickers directly on WhatsApp, perfectly in keeping with the emotions of the moment.

Create avatars on WhatsApp using artificial intelligence

The creation process is simple and intuitive, and is accessible to many users in the latest update of WhatsApp.

For iOS device users

The AI ​​system creates avatars from selfies. Results can be customized in sequence – Image: Screenshot/Felipe Demartini/Canaltech/Reproduction

  1. Go to WhatsApp settings;
  2. Choose the “Avatar” option;
  3. Select “Create avatar”;
  4. Start the process by clicking “Start”;
  5. Put your face and take a photo;
  6. Choose a skin tone and go;
  7. Customize your avatar as desired by selecting “Make more adjustments”;
  8. Complete the process by clicking “Done.”

For Android device users

The avatar created by WhatsApp AI is linked to a Meta account and can be used on social media – Image: Screenshot/Felipe Demartini/Canaltech/Reproduction

On Android, the procedure is similar, requiring an additional step to access Settings.

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The result is a fully customized avatar, from clothing to physical appearance, connected to the user’s account and ready to use on all platforms. Goal.

  1. From the home screen, click on the menu icon represented by three dots located in the upper right;
  2. Select the “Settings” option;
  3. Select the “Avatar” tab;
  4. Choose “Create avatar”;
  5. Start the process by clicking “Start”;
  6. Place the face and take the photo by pressing “Take Photo”;
  7. Choose a skin tone and continue by clicking “Next”;
  8. Customize your avatar as desired, selecting “Make further adjustments” if necessary;
  9. Complete the procedure by clicking “Done.”

The introduction of this avatar creation tool represents a major advancement in user experience, providing an innovative and fun way to express yourself digitally on different social media platforms.

In short, integration artificial intelligence The creation of avatars via WhatsApp represents a milestone in the evolution of digital communication.

The ease and speed with which users can transform their selfies into personalized puppets reflects not only technological advances, but also the ongoing search for richer, more expressive experiences.

The versatility of avatars, which can be used not only on WhatsApp, but on other Meta platforms, highlights the growing integration between applications and reinforces the trend towards a more unified digital presence.

With simple, intuitive steps, creating these avatars adds a layer of… Hazar and authenticity of online communication, allowing users to share their feelings in a more engaging way.

Not only are we witnessing technical innovation, we are witnessing a shift in the way we express ourselves digitally, making every interaction more engaging and personalized.

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