Nintendo asks for judicial protection so the ROM no longer returns

Nintendo asks for judicial protection so the ROM no longer returns

After winning a $2.1 million (about 10.6 million Brazilian Real) lawsuit against the owner of the ROM hacking website RomUniverse Last month, Nintendo asked the California Federal Court for a permanent injunction. With this, the owner of the portal, Matthew Strowman, will be prevented from resuming activities in the future.

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Nintendo is afraid that RomUniverse back to work

In the decision, the judge in charge of the case ordered Stormam to pay $1 million in compensation and to delete all material from RomUniverse. However, the court denied Nintendo’s request to apply a “permanent injunction” – or a permanent injunction, with free translation.

An injunction is a court order under US law that obliges or prohibits a defendant from performing certain activities, such as creating new websites with copyrighted material, for example. Thus, Storman will be prevented from resuming activities RomUniverse, even using another name in the portal.

In the process, Nintendo indicated that Storman had already violated other court orders and, therefore, should be stopped. Before he was sentenced to pay $2.1 million in damages, he was the owner of RomUniverse Pay a monthly fine of $50 ($253). However, these funds did not appear.

Threatening the defendant to continue operations RomUniverse To distribute a game ROM, using the same website used in recent years to infringe Nintendo’s copyright and trademark, requires an injunction. Failure to pay the $50 monthly fine, which he proposed and agreed to, shows that Nintendo does not have sufficient legal remedy for the defendant’s past or future violations and underlines the need for a permanent injunction.

Nintendo, in a California federal court statement.

Storman objects to $2.1 million in compensation

Meanwhile, founder RomUniverse He appealed the ruling, saying the court erred in awarding him $2.1 million in damages. Storman claimed that Nintendo did not incur any actual damages and even questioned whether the company owned the copyright to the games before filing the lawsuit.

The judge has not yet decided which side is right. So far, the RomUniverse It is still disabled.

informative: TorrentFreak.

Nintendo asks for judicial protection so the ROM no longer returns

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