“Nice to see,” says the actress.

"Nice to see," says the actress.


In the series written by Bruno Luperi, Zuleica appears on Tenório’s farm with her three children.

In the Pantanal, Zuleica will make its debut.  Picture 1: Clone / Twitter Aline Borges - Picture 2: Clone / Globo
In the Pantanal, Zuleica will make its debut. Picture 1: Clone / Twitter Aline Borges – Picture 2: Clone / Globo

in wet landwill return home to Tenorio (Murillo Benicio). This is because, according to information from columnist Zean Bravo, of the newspaper Extra, zuleka Aline Borges will appear in villain farm. The nurse will make her debut in Saturday (11th) class, still in Sao Paulo.

But as Bravo revealed, the other wife of the occupier will not compete Maria Broca (Isabel Teixeira). The mother of Marcelo (Lucas Leto), Roberto (Cao Campos) and Renato (Gabriel Santana) will go further and He’ll say he’s sorry Lover Levi (Leandro Lima).

According to TV News, Aline’s character will be sympathetic and will practice fraternity, especially in her life story. In the first version of feuilleton, the girl was raped as a teenager, before becoming involved with Tenório.

Allen Burgess’s opinion

Zulika translator Allen Burgess praised writer Bruno Lepre for not pushing the situation toward female rivalry, according to Zane Bravo. “It’s nice to see, given the whole situation that will happen in this trio – Maria Broca, Zuleca and Tenorio – that she is not going to give up Maria’s hand. Brotherhood and sympathy in the foreground. It’s a good thing that Bruno (Loberi) didn’t take the path of competition between women‘, the actress highlighted.

Because we live in Brazil and in a world where women have been taught to compete. In this case, this story has pain, but it also has respect, understanding that the safety of these women is much more important than taking up space in this man’s life.“, Been completed.

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