Next Chapter Summary, Saturday 17 July TV News

Next Chapter Summary, Saturday 17 July TV News

Check out the next chapter summary of reboot empireTV series Globo at 9 AM, which airs on Saturday (17):

Cora manages to deceive her nephews and get rid of Jairus. Claudio confronts Enrico. Enrico invades the kitchen and greets Vicente. Cora tries to talk to Cristina about Vicente. Jose Alfredo sends Jose to arrange a trip to Espinosa to Rio de Janeiro. Julian settles accounts with Carmen. Guests cheer Vicente and receive a kiss from Maria Clara.

Maria Marta invites Morelio to sleep in her house. Christina meets Vicente. Maurelio tells Jose Alfredo that he will hold him responsible if something happens to him. Salvador faces Carmen. Morelio asks Maria Marta to marry him.

Cora discovers that Reginaldo is Jairo’s father. Antonio asks Julian to become the queen of drums at his samba school again. Beatrice was affected by Leonardo’s condition. Jairo finds diamonds hidden in his house. Reginaldo negotiates a pink diamond with Jose Alfredo.

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