Nice Villeneuve reveals when he wants to end the “Dune” series.

Nice Villeneuve reveals when he wants to end the “Dune” series.

“Dune” director Denis Villeneuve said that the edits under his command will end with the third film, “The Messiah of Dune.” The director's statement came in an interview with the magazine a team.

The first two films — the second of which hits theaters on February 29 — are based on the Frank Herbert novel. The third film is based on the 1969 sequel. There are, in total, seven books on the story.

“”Sand dunes”” [título original da obra no inglês] “Dune has to be my last movie,” he said in the interview. The director also classified Frank Herbert's later books as more “esoteric”.

according to a teamVilleneuve wants to make other films: an adaptation of Stacey Schiff's Cleopatra, and one of Arthur C. Clarke's classic “Appointment with Rama.”

Denis Villeneuve has already stated that the third film was a personal desire. “If I could do a hat-trick, that would be the dream,” he said in August last year. Empire Magazine.

He said in December diverse The script for the third film was almost ready.

Actress Zendaya, who plays the character Chaney, has also expressed her desire to return to the cast for a third film.

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