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The coronavirus epidemic has surpassed 139 million cases worldwide after nearly 600,000 cases were added on the last day, at a time when a threshold of three million deaths has also been reached (so far, there have been 2,986,608 deaths), according to data published on Friday. By Johns Hopkins University. On Thursday, Brazil recorded 3,560 deaths due to the new Corona virus, which brings the total number of fatal disease victims in the country to 365,444, according to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health. National Board of Health Secretaries (Konas). By a majority of 8 votes to 3 votes Federal Supreme Court This Thursday passed on Annulment of the convictions of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva In the car wash process. The ruling practically seals Lula’s fate in the 2022 elections, restoring his political rights that were previously revoked due to corruption convictions that surrounded him with the Clean Record Act.

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