New York City Wants to Ban ‘Ugly’ Bitcoin (BTC) Miners

Massena, a border town in upstate New York, is planning a 90-day ban on crypto-mining farms while figuring out how to regulate it, The Guardian reports. WWNY-TV.

But that’s not because miners suck cheap electricity from Massena or pollute the environment. The 12,000 residents of the site near the Canadian border are concerned about the growing number of miners who have settled there.

“We don’t want Massena to be… crowded with these pumping trailers,” city supervisor Steve O’Shaughnessy told WWNY-TV. Bitcoin. We just want to make sure that if they come here, it will be in an elegant building.”

Massena Electric, the local utility company, is negotiating with three mining companies and has imposed a ban on all others in the sector.

A mining operation, Petawatt Group, purchased 566 square meters of land two years ago. In addition to mining, the company plans to use some of its space to grow plant-based proteins to replace meat, which will create more jobs, co-founder Jason Rappaport said.

Miners across the United States have filled part of the void left by China Increased repression against activity.

The latest wave of repression underway in the country began in May, but data from Cambridge University Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index It showed that China’s share of Bitcoin hash has actually fallen from 75% in September 2019 to 46% in April of this year.

During the same period, the popularity of the United States among miners grew. The country’s share of BTC hashrate more than quadrupled, from 4.1% to 16.8%, becoming the world’s second largest cryptocurrency mining hub.

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