Netflix global success, action movie is on Prime Video in Brazil

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In second place in the top 10 countries in the world NetflixMovie Seven men and one destiny It is not available in the national catalog of the platform. However, no need to disappoint the Brazilian fans, such as the long number in a group Amazon Prime Video.

Seven men and one destiny (Originally titled The Magnificent Seven), is a 2016 Western work that is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name, which in turn is also a remake of the Japanese film The Seven Samurai.

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The movie features a cast of big Hollywood stars, great action scenes and moments of great twists.

See below for everything you need to know about the plot, critical reception, and cast Seven men and one destiny.

Conspiracy and critical reception Seven men and one destiny

Seven men and one destiny It is an American western and action film, released in 2016. The film is a project by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and Nick Pizzolato (True Detective).

The film is set in a small town in the American West, where the residents are pressured by the wealthy, influential and violent Bartholomew Pogue to sell their land at ridiculous prices.

Representatives from several families in the city meet at the church to decide how to deal with Boog. The villain arrives unexpectedly and sets the temple on fire, killing all who defy his order.

The wife of a deceased man travels to a nearby town in search of help, and witnesses a lone cowboy defeat a group of different thugs.

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She approaches this mysterious stranger and asks for his help. Sam Chisholm, a cowboy, doesn’t care about the story until he hears the name Boog – who has a personal business to sort out.

Chisholm decides to set out for the besieged city with 6 other men of great ability.

Arriving on the scene, Magnificent 7 has finished off Bogue’s henchmen – and prepares for the return of the villain, who promises to return with a real army of bandits.

The film divided critics’ opinion. The cast’s performance, action sequence, and soundtrack were praised, while the film’s script and pace received criticism.

Seven men and one destiny It also established itself as a moderate box office hit, grossing $162 million on a production budget of $90 million.

cast Seven men and one destiny

Denzel Washington (Training Day, The Edge Among Us) leads the cast Seven men and one destiny As Sam Chisolm, a Federal Agent with superb combat skills, the commander of the Magnificent 7.

Chris Pratt, Peter Quill of the MCU, plays Joshua Faraday, a gambler and outsider with a knack for explosives and card tricks.

Ethan Hawke (First Fix, Before Midnight) plays Goodnight Robeshaw, a former Confederate soldier who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s the sniper The Magnificent 7.

Vincent Donofrio (Dardeville, The Punisher) plays Jack Horner, a highly religious mountaineer who specializes in tracking down enemies.

Byung Hun Lee (GI Joe: The Origin of Snake) brings life to Billy Rocks, a blade assassin who is also a member of Magnificent 7.

Manuel Garcia Rulfo (Dusk Till Dawn) plays Vasquez, a Mexican outlaw who is also part of the Sam Chisholm group.

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Finally, Magnificent 7 was completed by Martin Sensmeier (Westworld) as Red Harvest, an exiled Comanche warrior, the youngest of the group.

From Magnificent 7, Peter Sarsgaard (Green Lantern) plays antagonist Bartholomew Bogue, a corrupt industrialist who wants to take over a small town.

Haley Bennett (Once Upon a Time in a Dream) plays Emma Cullen, a young widow who loses her husband in a Bogue bombing and seeks help from the 7 Magnificents.

cast Seven men and one destiny Completed by Luke Grimes (50 Shades of Grey), Matt Bomer (American Horror Story), Jonathan Goss (Indomitable Courage), Cam Gigandet (Twilight) and Mark Ashworth (Star Girl).

Seven men and one destiny Available in Amazon Prime Video; See the section below.

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