Nayara Azevedo shows a conversation with Lynn, from ‘BBB 22’, and the actress’s Whatsapp profile picture draws attention

Linn's profile picture is Serasa's logo

The friendship between the buddies of “Big Brother Brasil 22” is still alive after the end of the reality show. In addition to showing that a group was created with Natália, Jessilane and Linn da Quebrada, Naiara Azevedo has also greeted fans by showing a private conversation with the latter. In the conversation with Lena, the country girl wanted to know why she did not see the profile picture of her colleague on Whatsapp.

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“Will you not add me on your Whatsapp? Where’s the picture, damn it?” asked Nayara Lina.

“My friend, I take pictures so people don’t know it’s me. I added you, woman. I took it for everyone, wait a minute. I took the picture because I don’t want them to know it’s me. So many people have had a phone, so many people before, I don’t want them to know.” It’s me,” the actress justified.

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The confusion arose because there is an option in Whatsapp where a user who has no other contact in the agenda will prevent him from seeing the profile picture. When Lynn’s photo was revealed, it was a surprise. Nayara Azevedo laughed.

Linn’s profile picture is Serasa logo Image: clone

Didn’t Serasa’s photo appear there?” said Lin, who later revealed the logo of the company responsible for checking dirty names in the plaza.

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Listen to the voice that Lin da Quibrada sent to her friend:

Other conversations

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In another cell phone version, Nayara Azevedo showed private conversations with Natalia, Giseilan and Fenny, as well as on the set that she has with the girls. Fans made fun of the group created with all the previous participants of “BBB 22”, which has become a reason for comments in recent days. This is because the country girl is not a part of it, Vyni left the group to make a joke and Maria left because she does not like message groups.

Whatsapp Nayara
Whatsapp image of Naiara: clone

BBB 22 Guys: Natália, Jessilane, Linn and Naiara
‘BBB 22’ buddies: Natália, Jessilane, Linn and Naiara Photo: clone

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