Natália calls Ipatinga ‘the countryside’ at BBB and town hall pounces: ‘Come and Meet’ | Valleys of Minas Gerais

Natália calls Ipatinga 'the countryside' at BBB and town hall pounces: 'Come and Meet' |  Valleys of Minas Gerais

the BBB22 Barely appeared on Monday (17) and some of the participants’ speeches are already moving social networks.

Someone came up in a conversation between Paolo Andre and Natalia. The athlete told Minas Gerais that he wanted to visit Belo Horizonte and had already participated in the city ipatinga.

“I want to know BH. I already went to ipatinga, I have already participated in ipatinga. Do you know there? I went to compete a long time ago. “I stayed in a club with a zoo,” the athlete said.

During the chat, she likened the city to “the countryside”.

“I know a lot there. But, like, there’s more interiorzão [sic]. But he said it’s really cool there for those who love the countryside, because there’s a lot of farms out there.

In reply to Natalia, municipality ipatinga He made a post on social networks inviting the mining company to get acquainted with the city.

“Although we have a wonderful rural area with many tourist spots to walk around and have a good time, we are not a ‘rural area’. But we have many environments that allow us to cater to all tastes: those who love the countryside can also come here”, The municipality said.

In the post, City Hall says that it has about 270 thousand inhabitants, it has the eighth GDP of the state of Minas Gerais and that it houses a large steel mill, Usiminas. Finally, the note issued a call to the BBB.

Also on social networks, the city center took the opportunity to “provoke” the participant from Sabara, in the metropolitan area of ​​Belo Horizonte.

ipatinga The area may be rural, but does Sabara have a shopping center? boot anything ipatinga not paredawn [sic]“We have a very beautiful career here,” he said.

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