Marina’s father defends her against the criticism of the wealthy family

Marina's father defends her against the criticism of the wealthy family

Marina Ferrari participated in “farm 13″ (RecordTV) was questioned for belonging to a wealthy family. The topic was brought up mainly In the first park that happened last night, and it was The reason for the fight between Rico Melquiades and Fernanda Medrado. Jorandir Gomez, Marina’s father, defended his daughter and ensured that she would never live in her parents’ shadow.

“Even if she is from a very wealthy family, which is not our case, this would not be a disadvantage for her. On the contrary, she should be congratulated for being a fighter and always chased after her. She is considered one of a kind. A family in good social condition, as we know this is not a situation Most Brazilians, but it is far from being classified as a rich family. ”

“She’s been on the internet since she was 15. I’ve always followed the evolution of social networks. From the beginning, Marina posted her makeup and hairstyles and it didn’t take long for her to get online. When she was little, she asked me for a doll with just a face. And hair To be able to train hairstyles and makeup. Marina is chasing her dreams.”

“She had previously taken several courses in make-up and hairstyles, graduated in management, worked in a beauty salon, worked in one of our stores, worked at home in make-up and hairstyle, until last year I managed to set up a Marina store with her. Resources. Ferrari Store “

“She has always been a fighter who strives to achieve her goals and always strives to improve herself and do better. And all this came from her, because since she was a girl she always pursued what she wanted and still is today. Marina, when she wants things, runs after them and does not wait to fall from The sky “.

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