NASA’s probe discovered an ice crater on the surface of Mars; look at the picture

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catheter Mars reconnaissance vehicle (MRO), from NASAFound crater of the ice in it Mars. The space agency’s enhanced image shows a layer of frozen carbon dioxide on the red planet’s southern surface, manifesting as bright blue dots in the landscape.

Dry ice occurs all winter on Mars, which takes about 4 months. Temperatures can reach -125°C in the polar regions, with freezing that can extend into mid-latitudes at more extreme periods.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured an ice crater on the surface of Marssource: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

However, some slopes near the equator face the poles, which makes them cooler due to less sunlight. So carbon dioxide stays frozen longer around the many valleys, which are carved out by debris flows during the warmer months that cause the planet’s uneven surface.

NASA probe

The MRO spacecraft was launched in 2005 with the aim of studying the history of water on Mars. His instruments are able to image the surface of Mars in detail, allowing him to perform on-the-ground analyzes of the minerals, groundwater and climate found on the planet.

More recent work brings more information about the formation and evolution of our neighbors in the solar system. Among the results are the processes responsible for River network in the past and for Ice domination That led to soil erosion, resulting in excavation.

In addition, the newer tasks such as insight And the rickshaw perseverance It should bring more details about the interior of Mars.

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