NASA will broadcast a live helicopter flight on the surface of Mars. See how to watch

Helicóptero Ingenuity Mars
Journey dates may change as engineers work on deployments
Photo: NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory- California Institute of Technology / Arizona State University

Not next Sunday (11), to NASA He makes his first attempt to maintain controlled flight and engines on another planet using Helicopter, Creation of Mars. To celebrate this important event and celebrate a month of aircraft flight, the space agency will be promoting various events to bring the audience closer to the tour.

According to NASA, there will be a live broadcast of the mission on Mars, which is scheduled to begin around 4:30 AM (Brasilia time) on Monday (12). The mission may be followed by NASA TV, the agency’s app, or the NASA website itself.

It will also be broadcasting on the agency’s social networks, including Youtube Its doing The social networking site Facebook Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The ingenuity reached the Jezero de Mars crater on February 18th, attached to the belly of the persistent rover. The scheduled time for the helicopter flight test is 31 days, which equates to 30 days on Mars.

The rover will provide support during flight operations, image acquisition, environmental data collection and host the base station that allows the helicopter to communicate with mission controllers on the ground.

An illustration of the perseverance of drilling through rocks to collect samples from Mars
An illustration of the perseverance of drilling through rocks to collect samples from Mars
Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Flight history may change as engineers work on deployments, pre-flight checks and vehicle placement for perseverance and creativity. The schedule of events will be updated as needed, and the last available schedule will be on the page Watch online The helicopter.

If the helicopter is able to fly on Sunday, as expected, the live broadcast will show the Ingenuity team analyzing data from the first test. Post-flight analysis is also scheduled for Monday (12), at 12:00.

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Both the audience and the media will be able to ask questions on social media while broadcasting with the hashtag #MarsHelicopter.

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