What’s new in Android should make sharing photos easier

What's new in Android should make sharing photos easier

Reading the items on the smartphone screen is a hand on the road at different times. Google gadget included in Android overview. More than just quickly taking screenshots, the feature helps make cloning options accessible.

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The functionality has been around in Pixel phones for nearly 3 years. On other devices, it was necessary to access it through the Google Assistant. The feature, however, is not always available. However, in Android 12, the option must be enabled from the factory.

much easier

Some very useful applications that use artificial intelligence are already on Android 12. This is the case with Google Translator and Google Lens, for example. It’s part of the Android overview. Beta 4 adds automatic image detection to the tools.

When the image is in the application window, an icon appears at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the icon, the media expands and the options in Google Lens are displayed. It is possible to copy, share and save it. Everything is shown in the top corner. Moreover, it is possible to make quick shares between user contacts.

As such, the feature is significantly more efficient than the other default option. Today, it is necessary to take a print, crop the image and then send it, for example. This means that although the change is not that huge, it can significantly affect the user experience.

When does the update arrive?

It is not yet known if the update will be available for all devices running Android 12. Some companies are free to use the extensions promoted by Google or not. Samsung and Xiaomi are two companies that have this feature.

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Thus, it is up to manufacturers to adopt optimization. However, the expectation is that, at least, modern hardware will be updated.

Revamped Android also has no scheduled release date. Everything indicates that the news will certainly appear to the public soon. Who knows, in the next few months, in 2021.

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