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Spinosaurs are one of the largest groups of predatory dinosaurs on the planet. Recently, researchers discovered the existence of this species Spinosaurus egyptiacusFor example, crocodiles had more or less a long tail. Now, however, UK researchers have identified two new species of this carnivore – and simultaneously.

Various fossil fragments of two animals have been found in the Isle of Wight, which is famous for the richness of dinosaur fossils, by various collectors. The remains were donated to the Dinosaur Island Museum, which has been able to identify new species in collaboration with several universities.

Named for the first race Inferior serotonin reuptake inhibitors, It refers to “Hell heron with horns and crocodile face.” All of these references in the animal’s name actually have a lot to do with how spinozers were hunted.

Image: Chris Parker / Science Reports 2021.

These large predators were, in general, hunted in terrestrial and aquatic environments. As mentioned above some are changing to suit the water S. AegyptiagusOthers hunted fish and crocodiles from time to time.

The other dinosaur, named Reprovenor Milnera, In memory of the late researcher Angela Milner. Not coincidentally, Milner examined and described Paryonics, The only spinosaurs ever known in the UK.

So the two dinosaurs are about the same size: about nine meters long, according to research estimates. Historical discovery, published in the journal Scientific reports.

Habitat of British Spinosaurus

In the proclamation, The authors say the invention is quite possible, but at the same time it was exciting. This is because the Isle of Wight is one of the largest fossil sources in Europe. Thus, new species, including spinosaurs, may appear at any time.

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In addition, the authors estimate that spinozers crossed at least two waves from Europe. During these events, poachers migrated to Asia, Africa and South America.

In general, researchers have found numerous fossils of small and medium-sized flora and fauna on the island. Therefore, it strengthens the region’s potential for food availability and protection of large predators. Also, charred plants are part of the fossil record, which indicates that forests often enjoy natural island.

Much of England, 125 million years ago, was a plain that was frequently flooded. Many canals and rivers can provide the perfect environment for large predators to hunt both land and water.

“It may seem strange to have two meat dishes that are identical to relationships [evolutivas] Close in an ecosystem, but it is actually very common to dinosaurs and many other creatures. Confirms Co-author David Hone.

Although older than the dinosaurs, it is noteworthy that the spinosaurs were spread over most of the planet and were often larger than the first. New fossils were discovered from the tail Spinosaurus egyptiacus, Reaches the mark higher than the animal 16 meters long.

The new species almost identifies as dinosaurs, reaching a length of about 13 meters.

Available in Research Journal. Scientific reports.

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