Mylena Ciribelli has been fired from Record after 14 years

Mylena Ciribelli has been fired from Record after 14 years
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The broadcaster was fired from the station after 14 years

This Wednesday (6), presenter Melina Seribelli, one of the main people in charge of the sports area of ​​the broadcaster, was fired. She received the news this morning, shortly after appearing on an edition of Fala Brasil, a news program where she was in charge of a sports section. The broadcaster confirmed the columnist’s dismissal.

In September this year, the column exclusively brought to light another day of anger at Record that led to mass dismissals. Among the list of cuts was Melina, who survived at the end of the chapter.

His salary was very high by current standards and the Record does not have a comprehensive sports calendar for 2024, prompting the broadcaster to dismantle almost its entire sports department.

Shortly after leaving the news this morning, around 11 a.m., Melina had a meeting with Marcelo Trindade, the station’s director of planning. After the conversation, the journalist was taken to the human resources department accompanied by two people and left the recording without saying goodbye to any colleagues in the newsroom.

Her career at Rede Manchete began in 1985, when she was appointed to lead Som Maior and other special programs. In 1988, she was transferred to the radio’s sports department, where she presents the Seoul Olympics and Formula 1 broadcasts, as well as the Manchete Esportiva program.

Three years later, she was hired by Globo, where she started at Esporte Espetacular, later heading Globo Esporte Rio de Janeiro. He remains at the broadcaster, where he led Placar Econômico, and the sports blocks of Fantástico, Jornal Hoje and Bom Dia Brasil.

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In 2009, she was hired by Record for the Esporte Fantástico programme, but during the Covid-19 pandemic she was sent to work on the Balanço Geral programme. Last year, he took over the leadership of Esporte Record, which went off the air shortly after the end of the state tournament. Before her expulsion, she was on the sports team at Fala Brasil.

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