In São João da Thai, Mateus, from BBB 24, speaks candidly about Davy's actions in Republika Srpska

In São João da Thai, Mateus, from BBB 24, speaks candidly about Davy's actions in Republika Srpska

Matthews Amaral, runner-up BP24He opened the match and spoke about Davi Brito's departure to Rio Grande do Sul (RS) last month. The hero of the reality show left Salvador, Bahia, for the city of Canoas, Republika Srpska, with the aim of helping the residents.

“I personally think that all help is welcome. I am very grateful to everyone who went there, everyone who participated, and everyone who campaigned from afar,” commented Mateusz in an interview with Quem.

The Gaucho adds: “I think this is not the time to choose sides, but rather the time to thank those who help them and be respectful.”

However, the former BBB highlights: “Of course there are things that can be sensitive, for example, revealing a sad situation, that's not great. But if a man helps, let's thank him, let's encourage him. I think now is not the time to fight “

The transition of Bahian to the state divided opinions, as did the state of Bahian Post your PIX to raise money for volunteer workWhich included paying for your airfare, as well as purchasing necessary supplies and materials for the people of Rio Grande do Sul. The BBB 24 champion himself told O Globo that he used part of the money for travel.

Saint John Ty

São João da Thay arrives in its sixth edition directly from São Luís in Maranhão. This is the first time that the event will be held in the form of a festival on June 7 and 8. Many artists have been confirmed to perform, such as Wesley Savadao, Britta Gil, Pablo Vitar and many other names. See details!

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Established in 2017, São João da Thay has become an annual tradition that highlights Maranhão culture throughout the country. Digital influencer Thaynara OG is the great mind behind it all and is always inviting other digital pals to spread the party online.

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