More than 40 thousand people are on the electronic waiting list

More than 40 thousand people are on the electronic waiting list

Pent-up demand for consultations by SUS in medical specialties increased by 10% in Uberaba in the comparison between the first and second four months of this year. The numbers were revealed via SMS at a public impeachment hearing on Thursday. They jumped from 37,644 to 41,835.

By region
The specialties in which the largest number of citizens are waiting for an appointment are ophthalmology – 7 thousand 798 (plus 2 thousand 500 from the school health program and 691 hospital appointments), vascular / vascular specialist – 4 thousand 363 and gastroenterologist – 4 Thousands 214. 3 thousand 591 people in line. Figures from August.

The most significant percentage reductions occurred in specialties where waiting lists were numerically smaller, such as orthopedic/shoulder surgery and thoracic surgery.

Manage UPAs
An appeal filed by Pedro Leopoldo’s National Institute of Social and Human Development prevents approval of the final outcome of the public call for integrated urban management. The case was won by Sociedade Educacional Uberabense, the director of the regional hospital. IND SH disputes the memo itself.

last word
The Institute’s application is under analysis, but the SMS already highlights that the stages and documents of the bidding process are available on the Citizen – Bidding – Public Call portal. All within absolute transparency. Now we wait for the official decision.

Without signature?
It is inconceivable that Confão would consider the property officially inventoried for which there is only one form and, surprisingly, without any signature – according to the president of the council himself, Luiz Mario Molinar. He said that the representative would be aware of this and agree that the inventory is based on the sector law.

Without identifying the author, a video began circulating on social media, in which former Deputy Mayor Moaser’s comments were used against Tulio’s stance against Codao. The goal is to try to tarnish the image of the council member, whose change to the previous representative was not part of the same video.

Tulio’s “answers” in the montage are all taken from other statements he has made in different circumstances.

Workers at a municipal social program had been instructed to share the video.

No attacks
After watching the video, which she was not aware of, Elissa told the newspaper that she did not agree with such positions: “You have never seen me attack anyone. That won’t be the case now. I have manners, attitude and elegance in political dealings. I prefer meaningful discussions” – reinforced the head of the executive branch.

The mayor also revealed that a bill is being drafted to be sent to the legislature with the aim of prioritizing the use of ethanol and other renewable fuels in the municipal fleet. Decarbonization and sustainability are two goals being pursued.

Referring to Uberaba joining the Global Charter for Sustainable Cities, Elisa, who aims to raise the city in the global rankings, adds that the heat it is currently facing represents the consequences of climate impacts. The sentence: We have to think about the future of the city.

Impact on the forehead
Because there is a good dialogue between Paulo Piao and Toni Carlos, there are those on the left front who consider the former mayor’s move to PSDB very positive. And it is made clear: Tony was speaking to the left, as did the “Tucano”. In other words, there is a feeling that everyone can unite around the candidacy of Imedipista.

Two months ago, leftists polled in favor of a double victory between Anderson Adoto, whose eligibility remains in dispute, and Tony. The group was well received, and afterward Anderson and Tony met, and restored the dialogue they had lost twelve years ago.

Time will tell
Time will tell if they all come together in the first round. And also dozens of opinion polls that will be conducted starting next March. If there is no risk of Elissa being re-elected in the first round, two opposition candidates may emerge. Troops will be added for the second round, if no one qualifies.

to caution!
Posting voting requests for five Guardianship Counsel candidates, in the same ad or a friend’s post, may constitute “list formation,” which is not permitted by the contest regulations. Messages with five names spread on social media.

SUS activist Jurandir Ferreira questions the lieutenant governor’s letter he published J.M.. Mateus Simoes said CEMIG is “well managed, profitable and valuable”. If all this, why do they want to sell the goose that lays the golden eggs – asks the man from Uberaba, who, contrary to what the Vice President said, what CEMIG lacks is management.

Spiritual exhibition
From October 12 to 22, Praça Shopping will host the 67th Spiritual Book Fair. Before that, from October 2 to 6, spiritualists from Uberaba will experience the 36th Kardic Week with lectures in five centers: María de Magdala, Fraternidad Adolph Fritz, Sociedade Casa de Jesus, Lar Irma Valquería and Caminhos da Verdade. One per night, in that order.

Bro is back
Mano Menezes has signed for Corinthians to replace Vanderlei Luxemburgo. He will lead the team on Saturday in the classic match against Sao Paulo in the Brazilian Championship. Tite, who was favored for the job, will go to Flamengo, but from 2024. He does not want to take charge now.

Photo gallery
You have just one week to view the “Democracy Everywhere, for All People” photo gallery. The materials were collected in 2022 in an integration program implemented by the Electoral Court of Santa Helena de Minas, targeting indigenous villages of the Maxakali ethnic group. The exhibition has been running since September 26 at the Voter Service Center in Uberaba, on Rua Lauro Borges Street (former Forum).

From bad to worse
In an action considered insulting by conservative members of Congress, Minas Gerais state representative Domingos Savio (PL) managed to collect the 171 signatures necessary to submit the PEC which, if approved, would allow Congress to overturn the STF decisions. Including final and non-appealable rulings.

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