More than 150 dogs rescued from Afghanistan are coming to the UK – News

More than 150 dogs rescued from Afghanistan are coming to the UK - News

Lorraine Edwards, a woman who helped bring home more than 150 dogs brought to the UK on Sunday from Afghanistan, said they were “in excellent condition”. This information is from the British newspaper BBC.

The animals were removed from the Nazat Zoo in Kabul, founded by former Royal Navy Commander Ben Farting, who served in Afghanistan in the mid-2000s and later rescued dogs, cats and donkeys.

After the dogs arrived in the UK, they were taken directly to the Lorraine-run dog rescue center in the British city of Heathrow and then to barns.

“These animals were rescued from the street and gave our soldiers invaluable gifts of company and comfort,” Lorraine said. “Despite the long journey, they are in excellent condition. After four months of isolation, they will get the wonderful new homes they deserve.”

Farting said he had spent weeks in campaigns to expel his workers and animals from Afghanistan, but so far he has only been able to expel the animals and himself. He added that the 68 staff in Kabul would not rest until they were safe.

On Saturday (28), the British newspaper The Times reported that Forth had insulted a special adviser to Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, accusing him of “blocking” attempts to arrange a private exit flight.

Wallis said Farting’s supporters had previously “taken the time of their senior commanders to deal with the issue when they needed to focus on dealing with the humanitarian crisis.”

Farting later apologized for the slanderous news and thanked the government for its support. Despite the confusion, Lauren described Farting as a “selfless and compassionate man.”

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