Mobile storage space full? 5 apps can be blamed!

Mobile storage space full?  5 apps can be blamed!

The cell phone memory It gets bigger, so you can find models with 64GB or more of internal storage. Many resources are indispensable and this space ends up easily occupied. However, any file and information recorded during system processing is also associated with this issue.

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Clearing the cache and documents such as photos and videos helps ensure more efficiency in this case. If you are afraid of losing something important, save everything on a drive or upgrade to a hard drive. Social networking and streaming are the apps that record most of your activity and therefore, they end up draining your battery and demanding a lot of device operation.

Note the apps you need to refresh the cache to make sure you always have memory on your phone


Facebook, in addition to managing its own data, is connected to Instagram, sends various notifications and registration actions. Messenger updates and updates end up issuing warnings that are not even recognized. So, always clear the cache, a process that can be done in all the apps mentioned in the list.

The WhatsApp

Among the photos, audios, and videos, one way to not have too many unknown documents in your gallery is to disable automatic download in the settings. Otherwise, use the storage manager, trying to get rid of everything that is not useful.

Google Maps

Google Maps also stores a lot of information, in addition to working in real time, recording routes and addresses. Clear history whenever possible, get rid of unnecessary details.

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go, like Google Maps, needs to collect numerous signals to provide a good experience for users during the game. In this way, it accesses various smartphone gadgets, creating a cache.


Spotify, especially when downloading music and podcasts, consumes memory with heavy sound. Delete when you no longer need to listen to your playlist.

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