Ministers also complain about Ketz’s prejudice

Ministers also complain about Ketz's prejudice

The political and social ministers revolted against Minister Paulo Quides (economics), complained about the lack of dialogue and expressed discriminatory reactions against politicians, especially in the Northeastern states. Since they were not asked about the results that would affect their portfolios, they decided to confront Quidas in their field, so they show that technical research does not require a recent increase in IOF rates.

Paulo Quides faces a clear isolation in government, with the recent increase in the IOF, which has worsened against the scrutiny of other ministers.

Quotes ‘reaction to the ministers’ initiative was to threaten the CPMF version. He leaked that he reads 0.1%, to further increase IOF.

The finance minister seems to have preferred the simplicity of increasing the IOF ratio by mandate, without going through Congress.

When challenged in extended meetings, the Quets always threaten to ask for the hat, which is a tactic to bring him down with Bolzano.

Brazil has more than the UK vaccines this week. Photo: Internet Reproduction

Brazil won the UK vaccine this week

More than 70% of people in Brazil will be vaccinated with the Covid vaccine with at least one dose this week, thanks to an average daily dose of 1.5 million, which the UK should pass in the next few days. The first country in the West to launch the vaccine, the British made up about 72% of the vaccinated population, but unlike Brazil, which has had successful vaccination campaigns for decades, it is progressing very slowly.

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To understand the Brazilian pace of vaccination, we started with 63.7% in September and went up to 70%, while the British were up from 70.5% to 72%.

After surpassing the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States, the next Brazilian “target” is Canada, where 76% of the population is vaccinated today.

Brazil has the 3rd highest vaccination rate in South America, now with Uruguay and Chile at 78% and 77.5%, respectively.

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A lawyer who was then revered throughout the country, Werner Becker was an opposition councilor in Porto Alegre for years, and lived provocatively with former sergeant George Collardo, who was notorious for atrocities. Once, during a debate in the Plenary, Coulord tried to make fun of Becker’s interest in whiskey: “I’m going to give you a useless one: a glass of milk!” Werner Becker responded in the bush, expressing public laughter: “I’ll give you a book!”

The IMF Board of Directors praised the Brazilian authorities for the “political response” to the epidemic, “significantly reducing the severity of the recession and reducing the impact on the poor and vulnerable”.

If the PSL / DEM union progresses, there will be 82 delegates in its bench chamber. After the 1988 constitution, the largest meeting of the DEM (then the PFL) in 1998, 105. In the first Lula government, BT 91 nailed.

Currently there is only one party block in the chamber, which includes Pros, BSc and PDP. The federation consists of 31 federal representatives, the tenth largest bench. DEM (ex-PFL) ranks 11th with 28 delegates.

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The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) campaign has surpassed the number of 100 million vaccines, with more than 4.5 million doses of astrogenogen given to the Ministry of Health last week.

Two senators of the Redee de Marina Silva, a federal deputy, Randolph Rodriguez (AB) and Fabiano Contrado (ES) voted in favor of the PEC, which prevents people from participating in the bills.

Following Paulsonaro’s speech at the UN, Fabio Faria (Communications) said the Federal Government’s Investment Partnership Program (PPI) in Brazil has already generated US $ 100 billion in new investments.

Brazil is responsible for emitting only 1.3% of the world’s greenhouse gases. By comparison, China is the world’s largest polluter: 31%. U.S.A.

The Association of Telecommunications Companies has approved the 5G auction. According to Connexis, this “marks an important step in strengthening Brazil’s role in the global map of the digital economy.”

… Drought followed and it started to rain in Brasilia until Bolzano spoke to reporters again.

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