Minas Gerais Agency | Romeo Zima discusses partnerships and business with a representative of the British government

Minas Gerais Agency |  Romeo Zima discusses partnerships and business with a representative of the British government

Governor Romeo Zima on Tuesday (9/11) met with the Trade Envoy of the Brazilian Prime Minister, Marco Longhi, at the British Government House in London. The meeting with the country’s trade envoy comes within the framework of the official mission from Minas Gerais to the United Kingdom. The goal is to strengthen relations between states and strengthen the state’s role in attracting sustainable investments, which is promoted by the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 26).

“We have scaled back the state apparatus, we have improved all the indicators. Good management and support from the private sector are essential. Being here in such an important place, giving us the opportunity to discuss our state and our politics and forge future partnerships, is a unique opportunity,” said the governor.

Zima learned about the physical structures of the British government, passing through the old Admiralty Building, which once hosted some of the most famous figures in world history, such as former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, James Bond author and the former. Naval intelligence officer Ian Fleming. The Governor was also in the Department of Foreign Trade (Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Development) building, currently under the leadership of Liz Truss.


Minas Gerais and the United Kingdom are important trading partners. The country was the main source for British countries across Brazil, concentrating 30.8% of the country’s total exports, reaching US$781.5 million in 2020.

The most prominent products in the export basket are gold, coffee, iron ores and concentrates.

In addition, there are related British investors in Minas, such as Unilever, Diageo, Sigma Lithium, Gemacom Tech, Dallas Airmotive and others. Also on Tuesday, London-based Anglo American, in cooperation with the governor, announced a new investment of R$4.4 billion in projects in the state.

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In this context, Marco Longi, who is also a Member of Parliament, confirmed the UK’s willingness to invest in Minas Gerais. “We are open to business. The UK has undisputed centers of excellence and finance, and its cosmopolitan capital is London. We would like to be preferred partners in the implementation of your economy.”

sustainable investments

In the Trade Envoy’s assessment, the renewable energy and climate change agenda is shared by all countries and the private sector is an important ally in these sustainability actions.

“I see this as a business opportunity, where the private sector can apply its capacity to innovate and provide solutions that the planet needs. I would like to congratulate the governor for his vision regarding Minas and for the recent climate commitments that have been made. I think this complements their plans for the state,” he added. Longy.

Also on Tuesday, the governor continued his meetings with Marco Longi. Under the agenda focused on the commitment made by the state in the Race to Zero campaign, to reduce the state’s net carbon emissions, it has accompanied the presentation of a project by food sector company Carapreta. The corporation, which has a plant in northern Minas, is looking at ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The offer was also open to other Brazilian businessmen residing in London and to Englishmen.

“We make the economy circular. All our water used for fish farming is used for irrigation to produce corn and soybeans. On the other hand, livestock manure is used in biodegraders to produce our energy, which reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and methane into the environment. This energy reduces the cost of our production,” noted the company’s CEO, Vittoriano Dornas. According to him, the intention of the group is to be, within a few years, self-sufficient in producing energy for use in the company.

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Also participating in the delegation from Minas Gerais to the United Kingdom is Deputy State Nouredino Jr., Secretary of State for environment and sustainable developmentMarilia Melo Secretary General Mateus Simويسes, President of Fiemg and Flávio Roscoe, President of Minas Gerais Agency for the Promotion of Investment and Foreign Trade (INDI), Joao Paulo Braga.

COP 26

On Wednesday (10/11), Governor Romeo Zima will travel to Glasgow, Scotland, where, on Thursday (11/10), he will inaugurate a commission on cities, regions and places organized. The goal is to discuss and promote actions taken by cities, communities, and regions.

Since the beginning of the conference, Minas Gerais has been in a prominent position in the Brazilian delegation that traveled to Glasgow, represented by Minister Marilia Melo, an important leader in the discussions. Other governmental agencies and entities that maintain environmental projects are participating in the twenty-sixth session of the Conference of the Parties.

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