Migration wave between Europe and the UK prompts Decathlon to halt kayaks sales

Migration wave between Europe and the UK prompts Decathlon to halt kayaks sales

It is estimated that since January 2021, more than 22,000 immigrants have crossed the English Channel toward the United Kingdom.

Decathlon, a sporting goods brand, has announced the recall of kayaks at two stores in northern France (Calais and Grande-Synthe) as small boats are increasingly being used by immigrants to cross and cross. English Channel, In an attempt to reach England. The company clarified to AFP that “it is not possible to purchase a kayak due to the current circumstances.”

Although this route has been used by immigrants for many years, the number of English Channel crossings has increased significantly since the beginning of 2020, reflecting an increase. Sale of these vessels In French stores.

Decathlon made it clear that this was not a recommended use for small boats, but for their sporting use. Admixture. “The design given to these products is not the primary application”. The truth that kayaks put out is “People are alive In danger“This measure, as explained, was determined by the stores and” verified by the company. “

According to the brand, other tools such as underwear, paddles or thermal protection are constantly available in its stores. Public safety In an aquatic environment, write TSF.

On Friday, three immigrants who tried to cross the English Channel using kayaks are reported missing. Over the past few weeks, the number of migrants arriving on the English coast has surpassed the previous record – with British officials estimating that they have been circulating since January. 22 thousand.

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