Microsoft shows Intel Pentium 4 as “compatible” with Windows 11

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Less than two weeks ago, it was Microsoft It finally released Windows 11 to consumers around the world. Unfortunately, many PCs won’t accept the new system due to outdated hardware, but it seems that the classic Intel Pentium 4, which has only one core, didn’t make the old parts list.

Even with the update available on most Windows 10 PCs, only devices that officially support the system can be updated. In fact, Microsoft has already released a file Processor List Which is available for anyone who wants to install modernity without any worries.

Is the 2006 classic back?

Although the Pentium 4 (661) is not on the list of supported processors, one user was able to check the computer with computer health check According to Microsoft’s own software, only the 3.6GHz core chip is compatible – a classic chip released by Intel in 2006.

Some users have installed Windows 11 on Pentium 4 (661) processors, bypassing the system’s CPU and TPM check. However, it is very likely that, in the future, Microsoft will not provide updates on devices that are incompatible with the system, such as computers with Intel’s Jurassic chip.

It is very likely that the problem is related to the computer health checking software, which is not performing a full scan based on the support list released by Microsoft. So it is likely that the company will simply update the software instead of supporting such an outdated processor.

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