Microsoft Flight Simulator updates with UK and Irish labels and locations

Microsoft Flight Simulator updates with UK and Irish labels and locations

Microsoft Flight Simulator gets updates from UK and Ireland with faithfully recreated monuments and locations such as buildings, stadiums, bridges.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Receives new free update, which calls us Fly over the UK and Ireland. This update includes new real locations of the British Isles England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Buildings, bridges, stadiums or landscapes are found in photovoltaic quality.

Buckingham Palace, Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium, Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, London Eye, Brighton Bear, Windsor Castle, William Wallace Stonehenge Monument, Glenfinnon Viaduct (many seen in Harry Potter, and many more). Don’t want to go on virtual tours around the islands?

This allows it to fly towards you Barra Airport, Hebrides of Scotland and located Planes spread on the sand of the beach …

Flight Simulator Assobo Games Reconstructs the entire earth on a real scale, takes landscape data through ping maps and practically creates cities, mountains, forests … The result is very robust, but in some special places, Asobo releases these updates to further enhance visual reliability. Previously, a similar update was released with localizations Japan.

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The Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on PC, and is part of the list Xbox Game Pass My PC. In the summer it will also be released on the Xbox Series X, where they ensure the same graphic quality as the computers. It’s one of the first Xbox first party games to be confirmed for 2021, though there will be many more …

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