Megan Markle’s children’s book failed to sell in the UK

Infiltration of Megan Markle His new children’s book ‘The Bench’ did not impress many in the literary world, especially in the UK.

Although the 40-page book was advertised online due to the celebrity status of Duchess of Sussex, reports suggest that he did not perform well on UK sales lists in its first week of release.

According to the Mirror online newspaper, the book managed to sell only 3,212 copies in its first week and did not reach the top 50 bestsellers list.

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But the publication still managed to top the best-selling picture book list, thanks to the charts by award-winning artist Christian Robinson.

According to Daily, despite the low sales, the publishers of the book, Penguin Random House Children (PRH) may still benefit because they have the rights to allow the English version of the book to be sold worldwide.

Penguin Random House has also revealed that children can sell their translation rights to other publishers, meaning that Megan’s book could be a huge success if translated into other languages.

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English newspapers were surprised by the low sales volume in the UK, but according to experts, he and Harry were the cause of the clashes with the royal family.


Prince Harry lost the title of ‘His Royal Highness’. The Kensington Palace exhibition featured the wedding dress of his late mother, Princess Diana.

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The sign below Diana’s dress before the ‘bug’ reads: “[vestido] Credit to the Duke of Cambridge and his Royal Highness to the Duke of Sussex ”.

However, one noticed that the title was changed to “His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex”.

The British press began to speculate as to whether this was the result of personal conflicts between Harry and his family, but according to The Sun, The Royal Collection Trust, which is in charge of exhibitions of state goods, regretted what had happened and said it was an ‘administrative’ error ‘and then corrected.

However, the diary noted that a similar ‘mistake’ had occurred in the other two items in the exhibition.

This month, Kensington Palace opened the “Royal Style in the Making” exhibition, which showcases Diana’s wedding dress to Prince Charles in 1981. This iconic piece was signed by British designers David Emanuel and his ex-wife Elizabeth Emanuel.

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