Meet the couple who turned Miley into a network phenomenon – Sao Bento m Fuco – Noticias de Sao Bento – Paraíba – Brazil

Meet the couple who turned Miley into a network phenomenon – Sao Bento m Fuco – Noticias de Sao Bento – Paraíba – Brazil

One of the most prominent figures in the government team Javier Miley It is the young couple who manage the social networks of the Argentine president. Inaki Gutierrez, 22, and Eugenia Rolon, 21, were dedicated activists for libertarian agendas online. It did not take long for them to become highly trusted by the head of state, helping him become a popular phenomenon on social media.

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Still in college – he studies law and economics and she studies politics – the couple has been stealing the show at Casa Rosada, where they work of their own free will, without any pay. The husband’s entire salary is donated.

The Internet brought the couple closer to the Argentine president Photo: clone/Instagramiñakigutiérrez

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Iñaki and Eugenia met through social media in 2020. Their political connections were so great that they began fighting together for Argentine right-wing movements, and against left-wing agendas, such as feminism and abortion. Dating came next.

Same ideals

The person who had first contact with Miley was Eugenia, when the then economist gave a lecture in Miley’s hometown. InfluencerSanta Fe County, in 2018. When he was just 16 years old, the consultant was fascinated by the ambitious president’s libertarian ideas.

Three years later, during the legislative election campaign, she introduced her boyfriend to Miley, who quickly hired him to sponsor her TikTok profile.

The president’s party, which has only been around for two years, has grown exponentially online — so much so that Miley is the president with the best votes in the country’s history.

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This work brought them closer to the point where the couple were part of the president’s inner circle. the world, Miley spent last New Year’s Eve with two of her advisors, not her family.

Gutierrez is one of the people with the most access to the presidential office, and Miley refers to him as “Inaki’s boy.”

“What we had in common, from the beginning, was the certainty that social networks were a powerful tool to use in the campaign, and that allowed us to work together,” Gutierrez stated in an interview. “Miley has always made a lot of time for networking.”

Gutierrez and Rolon’s role in Casa Rosada represents a new era in political communication in Argentina. The trio found the digital formula to spread their ideals across the country.

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