European Union sues AstraZeneca for delaying vaccine delivery | Scientist

The European Commission announced on Monday (26) that it has filed a lawsuit against AstraZeneca in favor of Not respected The contract to supply vaccines against Covid-19 and the lack of a reliable plan to ensure on-time deliveries.

According to the entity spokesperson, all 27 states are in European Union Work supported.

The European Commission is taking legal action against AstraZeneca

Since January, there has been a dispute between the group of countries and the pharmaceutical company. That month, AstraZeneca said it would not provide 300 million doses of the vaccine by the time it was agreed (between January and June this year).

European leaders have since criticized the company. The contract, signed under Belgian law, was released and showed that the terms were similar to those of other pharmaceutical companies. There have been some clauses that legally protect AstraZeneca from potential delays in delivery times.

There was also a clause stipulating that vaccines under this contract would be produced in factories in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The contract also stipulated that the company shall make every effort to ensure the supply of doses, including production in factories at other sites, if required.

AstraZeneca says it will deliver a third of what it promises

A European Commission spokesman said the bloc wanted to ensure that enough doses were delivered, as promised in the contract.

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