McCree of Overwatch will change his name after player requests

McCree, de Overwatch, vai mudar de nome após pedidos de jogadores

Ago Allegations of harassment and discrimination employment Blizzard It became public, some players were asking about Jesse McCree’s character, who Note and watch, Change your name.

The name is named after the former game design leader for Diablo 4, who was among the defendants in the lawsuit brought by the state of California against the company. NS The designer left the companyBut the honors continued in the game.

Because of this team Note and watch issued a statement Today (26), announcing that the character’s name will be changed to “a better representation of what Overwatch means.”

The new alias has not been released yet and the change date has not been announced. Additionally, the new narrative arc coming out in September, which will directly include the character, will be pushed back to another moment in 2021.

Finally, in-game characters will no longer have employee names, and the team has also promised to be more considerate in adding references from the real world within the game to reinforce that this is a fictional world and that creating it is a team effort.

Check out the full statement below:

“The world of Overwatch was created with inclusion, equality and the hope of building a better future in mind. These are the core ideas of the game and the Overwatch team.

To better reflect the fact that Overwatch is creating a team and assuring that this is a fictional world and markedly different from reality, as of now, the characters in the game will not have the names of the company’s employees. So let’s change the name of the character we know as McCree. This change will happen in the game and in all Contents from now on.

“We know that any change to such a lovable and central character in the game takes time to develop well, and we will share updates as our work progresses. We planned to release a narrative arc in September with a new story and new in-game content, where Macri has been a key player. Since we want to introduce this Shifting this arc, we’ll be delaying this story until later this year, and in its place we’ll release a new TCT map in September.

“We are already working on these updates and they are part of our ongoing commitment to honesty and the changes needed for a future worth fighting for. We know it’s better to act than talk, and we hope to show you our commitment to the quality of the Overwatch gaming experience and to the evolution of our team.”

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