Mbappe says: “I didn’t say no to Real Madrid, I said yes to France”

Mbappe says: "I didn't say no to Real Madrid, I said yes to France"

Renewing with Paris Saint-Germain, despite Real Madrid’s proposal, striker Kylian Mbappe “said yes to France and a new project”, as the player himself said at a press conference on Monday.

Question: How much do you want to influence the club’s deals?

Answer: “You have to know how to trust people. You don’t start a good project when the main player presses the sporting director for signings, etc. Everyone has their place. I won’t influence anything and any signing or selling I’m not good at it, I’m good in this field. Well, that’s what I want to focus on because there’s a lot of work to do.

Q: Have you spoken after your decision with Karim Benzema, your team-mate, who wanted to play with you at Real Madrid?

A: “We didn’t talk. I didn’t want to exaggerate. I didn’t want to impose things. When we meet, of course we’ll talk. He’ll ask me why and I’ll explain. He’s a teammate, I know he wants me to go (to Real Madrid).)”.

Q: What do you think of your Instagram post (with the Real Madrid logo)?

A: It was posted by all Real Madrid players…not only him. You don’t have to be a college student to know it’s a little higher (laughs).”

Q: Have you received guarantees regarding the continuation of coach Mauricio Pochettino?

A: “The only guarantee I have is that he has a contract until 2023. At the moment, he must continue as a coach. I have a great relationship with him. The club will decide.”

Q: How did you receive the criticism of Real Madrid?

A: “I never had an agreement with anyone. It always went like this. It’s talking to a club, making a contract and then choosing. It so happened that in the last days I signed out the window, I choose and then draw the contract, but then I get pressured Because time is running out (when he signed with Paris Saint-Germain in 2017). I understand the disappointment. Thank you for wanting to accept me as one of you. I didn’t say no to Real Madrid, I said yes to France and a new project for Paris Saint-Germain. It was a call from home and the capital.. The player has to do a good job both on and off the field.”

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Q: Do you feel like an ambassador for the French League and France?

A: “Ambassador? Yes, I am an ambassador! They should pay me! (laughs) Our league and football have obviously been discredited so much that their key players do not defend it. Today, when we see our national team, the players who play in the clubs The big one, we have nothing to be ashamed of. We don’t have to think that we are better than we are, but France has an important place in football. It is important to always remember that and be proud.”

Q: Could you win the Ballon d’Or more easily in Paris than in Madrid?

A: In Madrid there is history. You cannot compare Madrid and Paris. Real Madrid is a much older club than Paris Saint-Germain, and it is a young club. The Ballon d’Or rules have changed. It depends a lot on your team, your league, your club. Nowadays, the Golden Ball is simply the best player in the world. It doesn’t matter where you play, if you are the best, it will be the Golden Ball.”

Q: Is there a gap in your new contract to leave in two years, especially given what happened last year?

A: “Of course we do. There are standards, precedents to take into account. You can’t make a contract too short, it would be laughing at everyone. As it is, it’s okay. It’s not very long, it’s not. In short, there is time to stick to it.” Then three years later, I don’t know what might happen, but now I’m committed to this new project, to a new era, and I think I made a good choice.”

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