Mayor Rafael Greca attends a screening of the feature film Napoleão at Cine Passeio in Curitiba | CGN

Mayor Rafael Greca attends a screening of the feature film Napoleão at Cine Passeio in Curitiba |  CGN

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The night session this Tuesday (11/29) for the feature film Napoleon V Cinema tour City Mayor Rafael Greca and First Lady Margarita Sanson were among those in attendance.

Accompanied by Joao, Regina and Lucia Casillo; From the head Curitiba Cultural FoundationAna Castro; Executive Director of the Curitiba Institute of Arts and Culture (ICAC), Marino Galvão Jr., Greca and Doña Margarita watched the story of the French strategist and military commander through the lenses of British director Ridley Scott.

“We will follow the story of Napoleon in this beautiful place,” the mayor commented before the session, referring to the Cine Passeio.

a Revitalizing the space that became Cine PasseioIt was handed over to residents as part of Curitiba’s anniversary celebrations in 2019, and is part of a large-scale restoration of public and private historic buildings, as well as monuments in the central area of ​​the city, within the Rosto da Cidade programme.

Cine Passeio is located on Rua Riachuelo, in the centre, and belongs to the Curitiba Cultural Foundation, which manages the space through Icac.

The film, which is two hours and 38 minutes long, deals with the origins and rapid rise of the French strategist and military leader, through the prism of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’s relationship with Josephine. Who plays Napoleon is American actor Joaquin Phoenix, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2020 for his role in the movie Joker. Phoenix and actress Vanessa Kirby portray the story of the couple’s relationship. Through a grainy perspective, the film shows Napoleon’s rise, conquests and defeats.

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The most amazing cinemas

At the beginning of 2020, less than a year after it opened to the public, Curitiba’s Cine Passeio cinema was among the 20 coolest cinemas in the world. Nominated by Revista Exibor magazine, specialized in services in the cinema sector.

In issue No. 36, one of the country’s most important film exhibition genre magazines highlights 20 cinemas with “different audience experiences” and shows Cine Passeio alongside theaters in South Korea, Germany, the US and from India and the UK.

“We created Cine Passeio to be more than just cold cinemas. We transformed the space into a cultural and innovation complex, where the audience feels like they are in their own living room. What sets us apart is the quality and warmth of service,” commented the city mayor at the time of the appointment.

The complex appealed to the concept of street cinemas with reference to two old cinemas in Curitiba, the Luz and Ritz Cinemas. In addition to the two rooms, the complex has a 110-seat multi-purpose space, a video-on-demand room, session spaces, and a municipal public co-working unit. Workbook And a cafe. On the terrace there is an outdoor exhibition area and a covered space for events.

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