Maylid Mihaely’s mum talks about why she didn’t want to tell her daughter she had cancer – Entertainment

Maylid Mihaely's mum talks about why she didn't want to tell her daughter she had cancer - Entertainment

Dorales dos Santos Oliveira, mother of Miley Mihaly, influencer confined to farm 13, a video clip, on Friday (5), on the social networks of her daughter Talk about your recently discovered uterine cancer. In the recording, she also explained that she asked the Mileide team not to inform her of the illness, as she wanted her daughter to remain on the reality show.

My daughter traveled to farm And after about 10 days I had a bleed, went to the emergency room, took medication, and went for a checkup. The doctor found it was cancer, but these worrying things weren’t there, but cancer is always serious, it’s no joke. Now, I’m going to run after treatment. I went ahead and had several checkups and found a great doctor and did everything necessary in these cases. My case is not surgical. I have to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. God willing, when she leaves, I will finish the treatment and I will tell her everything,” she began.

Dorales then explained why she chose not to inform her daughter of the illness. “I begged and told all the people who work with her to never leak [a notícia sobre o câncer] Because I don’t want to bother my daughter. What I want most is to see my heroine daughter. I was here strong, but yesterday I saw my daughter crying in that corner and my heart was bleeding. “We have a very strong relationship and I think she feels like things are not right here,” she said, tearing.

Self-confident mother Maylade said she hopes for a cure and believes she will beat the disease. “I will win. I am not afraid, I have never felt it, I have not cried any tears [desde que soube da doença]But now I felt her, because I saw her crying out of the blue.”

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Finally, she spoke again about her dream of seeing her daughter win the show. “My daughter is a resilient, educated, calm and composed person who lives up to her name. All I have taught her, I see that she grows inside that house. She is a woman who can take a beating, which is why I want to see this path follow this path to the end. I want Brazil to know who Mileide is.” Mihaile, because she’s not a woman who came from so-and-so. She’s a woman who’s ready for the world, life, work, and whatever comes” complete.

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