“Maybe I missed the point.”

"Maybe I missed the point."

Viih Tube gave an honest review for their game on “Big Brother Brasil 21”. YouTube, which a number of viewers have referred to as a mistake, admits this Yes, it regrets some situationsBut that won’t change anything in the end.

“I know a lot of people talked about me this way, so I would say my mistake was that I played too much. I might have missed the point a little bit, but I never lied to anyone, I was never aggressive,” she said in an interview with Fabia Oliveira, of O Dia She is rude, I have not demoralized and I have not failed to be honest in the moments that should be.

According to her, her strategies have always been right inside the most watched home in the country. “It was me at different times, but I was focusing that it was a game and that everything inside me changed very quickly. So, I think I did the game to escape from the wall, from the heart, I loved everyone in the house,” he said.

Reflecting on his departure, Fei says it is time to say goodbye: “I think I left because it was my time and when Thiago said. Maybe I needed to play more with the crowd and explain more about my strategies. I could have done this more on the X-ray.”

YouTube was the thirteenth exclusion Act reality, With 96.69% of the vote. Regarding the rejection rate, she admitted that she was amazed at the number at first. “Imagine you were tied for 3 months and when you leave you encounter it. But, little by little, I begin to understand the reason for this rejection and agree with the audience. There were things I did that the audience did not do.”

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