Matthews becomes suspicious of gossip with Isabelle and starts a fight with Davy · TV News

Matthews becomes suspicious of gossip with Isabelle and starts a fight with Davy · TV News

Mateus Amaral called Dave Brito to get a clean story on BBB 24. The gaucho caught the Bahian talking alone with Isabel Nogueira and accused them of changing their behavior when they saw him. He suspected that the couple was gossiping about him and called a meeting of the fictional group (Alan Dias, Beatrice Reis, Davey and Isabelle).

The application driver defended himself and said that the matter was not related to the ally. “And today we were talking about a personal matter that concerns me and hers is none of your concern at all, do you understand? Nothing much happens,” Davey said.

“I just say it this way, because when there is a more sensitive issue, go tell the person, ‘Do you understand?’” the agricultural engineering student warned. A dispute occurred between the two after one of them started interrupting the other's words. The brother, nicknamed Allegrete, accused his colleague of sarcasm and sarcasm.

Matthews got angry and took the conversation in another direction: “You think you're always right, that's not the case, Davy. Listen, just listen, I'm not punishing you or anything. You have to listen to understand me, my friend.” “Just like you, you have your way of seeing things, and I also have my way of seeing.”

Denizian Ferreira's former relationship continued: “I see that sometimes you talk about a serious topic and I feel it, I am not saying uncomfortable, but I see that I am exaggerating or getting in the way.” “There is no need to laugh or ridicule,” criticized Matthews, who described Davey as disrespectful.

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Al-Bahian refuted these accusations, and the discussion went off the rails. “All you want is to show disrespect. This is not disrespect. Not everything you can put in the form of disrespect. You have to understand that others also respect. I respect you in a way, and you respect me in your way. You have to learn to respect me as I am,” Davi Brito concluded. .

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