The heart of Beyond the Illusion has been married to a handsome man for 10 years and the audience freaks out

logotipo da novela Além de Ilusão se assemelha a um olho

Actor from Beyond the Illusion, from Globo, is married to a handsome comedian

beyond the illusion, 6 pm TV series Give GlobeMichel Blois plays the role of Radio Director Leopoldo. And in the following chapters of the plot, he will live a love story with Plinio (Nicolas Antunes). But, beyond imagination, the actor is married to comedian Pedroca Monteiro.

The artist became famous as Alejandro, in the movie “Vai que cola”, as well as the policeman Prado, in the movie “The more life the better.” On social media, they share emotional statements and show that life mimics art. If in the plot Leopoldo lives a forbidden love, then the actor Michel Blois lives a love story without fear of being happy.

Together for 10 years, they constantly use social media to share emotional data. When a sweetheart turns 40, for example, Michel Blois makes a point in debunking a sweetheart statement.

“My love, my partner, my husband, my friend. We have been in this life holding hands, our hearts together and smiling on our faces for 10 years. I wish you only the most beautiful worlds, the best challenges and colorful dreams. It is my pleasure to build life at your side! Happiness, love and friends! Live your talent, live your joy.” The actor said in December 2021.

Pedroca also likes to emphasize his love for Leopoldo from Além da Illusion so much that he speaks in a statement about the importance of a lover in his life. “A beautiful partner with whom I made a possible life full of affection and care. Handsome, intelligent, perfect uncle, wonderful actor, best friend in the world. I love you more than Heineken. And I think it is forever.”, he said. Both are loved by the public.

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Actor Michel Blois, of Globo, and wife, comedian Pedroca Monteiro (Image: clone)
Actor Michel Blois, of Globo, and wife, comedian Pedroca Monteiro (Image: clone)

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