Mato Grosso Police and US and UK agencies take action against digital criminals

Mato Grosso Police and US and UK agencies take action against digital criminals

The operation is part of an international mobilization coordinated by the Secretariat for Integrated Functions of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the Civil Police and agencies of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Mato Grosso Civil Police, through the Rondonópolis (DERF) Robbery and Theft Special Police Station, is executing warrants within Operation 404.4 this Tuesday (21.06) aimed at cracking down on crimes committed against intellectual property on the Internet. The Rondonópolis operation is supported by the Directorate of Civil Police Intelligence, the Rondonópolis Regional Police Station and the Investigation Center.

Search warrants are being carried out in Rontonopolis, except that the website has been suspended.

The move is part of a concerted effort by the states and an international mobilization coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security through the civil police.

The fight against online theft involves the cooperation of US embassies (Homeland Security investigations – HSI and the Judiciary – DOJ) and the United Kingdom in Brazil (IPO – Intellectual Property Office and PIPCU – Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit), the National Council. Civil police leaders in addition to the cooperation of intellectual property protection associations in Brazil.

Civilian police (AL, BA, ES, GO, MG, MT, PA, PE, RJ, RS and SP) from 11 states blocked websites and applications and carried out searches and seizures.


In Brazil, offenders face between two and four years in prison and a fine (Art. 184, §3 of the Brazilian Penal Code). Those under investigation may also be charged with criminal association (Art. 288 – CP) and money laundering (Art. 1 – Act 9,613 / 1998).

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Operation 404

Name Specifies the HTTP protocol response code, indicating that the page was not found or not available. This is also one of the key steps in the process: making criminal services in violation of victims’ copyright infringement.

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